Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prog 8 - Invasion

Savage and a small convoy of buses are stopped at the entrance to the airport by Volgan soldiers. A soldier tells Savage that civilians aren't allowed into the airport. Savage tells him otherwise...
After shooting the Volgan in the face, Savage goes full throttle towards the Concorde MkIII. His second in command, Silk, and the rest of the Mad Dogs are onboard the bus...they smash the bus windows and fire on the Volgan troops.

Silk thinks Savage is crazy to try and hijack the Concorde because the concorde is Marshal Vaskhovs personal plane and it is heavily guarded. No problem for Bill...he swerves the bus right into the guards.
With the guards gotten rid of, Savage starts unloading the buses and ushering the refugees onboard the Concorde. Their destination is Canada. A refugee tells Savage that he'll give the 'King across the water' his regards.

One of the refugees is a trained pilot. He tells Savage that once they get airborne, nothing can stop them from getting to Canada.

The concorde is ready for take off. Savage and his men get back aboard a bus and make themselves scarce before more Volgans arrive. As they leave the airport they see overhead...
Savage tells Silk to forget about the refugees and enjoy the fireworks. Silk is outraged...He thinks that Bill is a cold hearted swine, that the refugees will be massacred!

The Volgan jets launch their heat seeking missiles. The concorde looks doomed but...
Another decent episode of 'Invasion'. I like Savages inventiveness here. It shows that he's not just all brawn and we are given another glimpse of the reason Savage fights and why he fights so hard.

It is interesting to me that people keep underestimating Savages intellect. The brigadier did when he first joined the resistance and now Silk has. Savage just seems full of surprises. It's like he was born to cause mayhem. I find a lot of similarities between Bill Savage and Marvel Comics Punisher 'Frank Castle'. They seem to be both cut from the same cloth.

Gerry Finley-Day has turned in a good script and Mike Doreys art suits it perfectly.

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