Monday, April 13, 2009

Prog 8 - Flesh

Reagan pushes Carver aside and rushes to try and help the doc. Carver tells him to leave him, that he's only dead weight. Reagan kills the snake but for the's too late.
The 'somethin'' coming through the jungle is none other than Old One Eye. She has picked up the humans scent again.

Reagan, Carver and the three rangers that are left hop on a raft and start to make their way across the river away from Old One Eye...but...
The raft is too heavy and it's not going fast enough. Old One Eye is going to catch them unless they do something. Carver obliges by pushing one of the rangers into the water claiming it was accidental...that he 'slipped!'

One human down, four to go.
Reagan has had enough of Carver's treachery but Carver tells him to 'Quit beefing and let's go...we can travel faster now!'

But there is another threat to Reagan and company. A Phobosuchus flips the raft over. The men try and swim for the shore.

Another man gone, three to go!
Joe helps Carver, who can't swim, reach the shore safely.

Meanwhile, Old One Eye and the Phobosuchus turn on each other.
The battle is short. Old One Eye wins and continues her pursuit of the hated humans.

Meanwhile on the far side of the swamp, Carver thanks Joe for saving his life and hopes to return the favor some day. Reagan is sick and tired of Old One Eye hunting them down...there has to be a final reckoning. Carver taunts him...

Reagan tells Carver to put his money where his mouth is. He has a plan. There are some spike plants in a pit up ahead. While Old One Eye is feasting on the prehistoric crocodile, he's going to cover the spike plants and then, hopefully, Old One Eye will fall into his trap. They get everything prepared just in time as Old One Eye approaches.

Old One Eye stops in her tracks. Something doesn't look right to her. Hidden,Reagan, Carver and Joe watch from a distance. Carver tells Reagan that it's not going to work. She's suspicious.

Reagan breaks cover. maybe if Old One Eye catches sight of him...
Reagan is right. Old One Eye has fallen into the trap.
Good episode.

The death count for Flesh must be pretty high by now. Three people bite the dust in this installment and not all of them by Old One Eye. You get the sense from this strip that death can come for you at any time and no-one is safe...not even Reagan, Joe or Carver.

Now that Reagan has caught Old One Eye...what's next?

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