Friday, April 3, 2009

Prog 7 - Harlem Heroes

The Siberian Wolves score! But in doing so, the player has electrocuted himself. Usually when a player hits the electrified score tank they are sent to the penalty pen but in this guys case...he's sent to the hospital.
Giant tells the rest of the team that the Wolves don't care how many players get injured, as long as they win. And everytime someone does get injured they just replace them with a player that's "fresh and rarin' to go!"

Giant wins the ball from the blast-off and throws it down to Zack who is attempting a ground attack. One of the Siberian Wolves tries to stop him at full speed...
Two more Wolves zero in on Zack but Zack hits his afterburn button and the two Wolves hit each other head-on. Zack kicks the ball to Slim and Slim scores!
The Heroes fly into their famous 'H' formation and bust out a rhyme...
"The Wolves are fast and full of guts,
but do their thinkin' with their butts!"

Meantime the three 'Borises' are carted off to get medical treatment.

The game restarts and Giant tries to grab the aeroball but he's going to fast!
Nothing much to say about this episode. Solid art by Gibbons and nice cliffhanger by Tully. Further evidence that the Heroes are being targeted for elimination.

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