Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prog 7 - Invasion

The Volgan troops comandeer a train. They joke that the British have no more fight left in them.

An hour later a Volgan armored column is making it's way to Oxford. At the front of the column is Volgan Field Marshall Zinski. The column comes to a halt at a railroad crossing. They wait awhile until eventually the barrier is lifted for them to cross. The Field Marsahll isn't to happy with the lenght of time it took the signalman to raise the barrier. He'll be glad when when "his kind will be replaced by efficient Volgans."

But the signalman is none other then Bill Savage! He radios his men..."The Fly is in the web!" He lowers the barrier again...this time trapping Zinski's car.
They realise that it's a trap..but too late! There's a train coming down the tracks. The soldiers in the car run for cover. Zinski is too slow. He's fat and can't seem to move quick enough...and...
...that's the end of Field Marshall Zinski!

Savage radios his units and they come out from the surrounding wheatfields where they've been hiding and take the Volgans by surprise. The Volgans haven't the stomach for battle and turn and flee.

Just as Savage decides to pull out Volgan gunships arrive! Now it's Savages' turn to be taken by surprise.
The elite Spyder Troops armed with flamethrowers are destroying the Resistance. Savage knows that they'll all be burned alive unless he can take out the Spyder Troop chopper. Armed with a rocket launcher...he shoots and hits one chopper causing it to crash into the second chopper. They're saved!
Something is bothering did the Volgans know the resistance would strike at the railroad crossing.

Later back at the base, on Londons Isle of Dogs, Savage gets his answer. Listening to the Volgan News broadcast, it's revealed that thanks to a last minute tip-off the Volgans were able to destroy most of the resistance despite losing Field Marshall Zinski.

Savage and his Mad Dogs were betrayed!

After an investigation, a new member of the resistance confesses that he sold them out for money. Savage is pissed! Half his men were wiped out because of the traitors greed.

The Resistance has to get tougher if they're going to drive out the invaders!
Good installment.

It shows Savages' first setback. Even though they killed a lot of Volgans, the price was too high. The fact that a traitor was discovered amongst Savages men adds an extra dimension to the strip. Not everything in 'Invasion' is going to be so straight forward and black and white.

I like Mills structure to the script. The train on the first page is the train that gets derailed later on.

The Volgan arrogance and disregard towards the conquered is really emphasised here with Zinskis comments on shooting the signalman and also by the Volgan troops in kicking the civiians off the train and making them ride in cattle cars. Mills is definitely making comparisons with the Volgans and Nazis.

Mills script really shines. As for the art...I don't really care for it. Sarompas does an okay job but it feels lifeless...I can't put my finger on just does.

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