Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prog 6 - Judge Dredd


Who calls themselves Frankenstein 2? What is he, a sequel? Then again this is Mega City One, so it's probably not all that unusual to have citizens with whacked out names.

Anyways, Dredd follows in hot pursuit. The control cameras have been keeping tabs on Frankesteins goons. The control center tells Dredd that the stolen ambulance went into a subway but never appeared on the other side. Dredd blows out one of the subway walls knowing that there has to be a secret entrance to Frankensteins hideout and that's why the ambulance disappeared.

Frankensteins cronies are waiting for him.

But they are no match for Dredds awesome firepower.
Dredd dismounts his lawmaster and enters the hideout. The hideout is like a huge cold human storage room. Bodies are lined up in rows no doubt awaiting Frankensteinto touch. Dredd interrupts Frankenstein 2 as he is finishing with a millionaire client.
Frankenstein tries to bribe Dredd by offering him any spare parts he wants when his own fail him. Dredd refuses 'You can't bribe a Judge!'. Frankenstein was just playing for time, he throws a light switch in an attempt to blind and confuse Dredd.
But Dredd's anti-dazzle visor protects him and he takes down Frankenstein. Typical final last words from Dredd. Nice dark humor.

This strip was McMahons first ever drawn Dredd. Not first published, but first drawn. You can tell that he was probably told to ape Ezquerras' style. Eventually McMahon would branch out into his own style and it would make him a legend to 2000ad and Dredd fans everywhere.

This is also the first time we learn that Dredds helmet visor is anti-glare.

The crime of 'bodysnatching' or 'Organ Legging' would be revisited again and again in Dredds world.

Another interesting note here is that the strip was probably censored. Because it was McMahons first predates all the other stories published so far. Dredd would have just blown Frankenstein away instead of arresting him. You can see from his pose in the above page that Dredd, in all likelihood, shot and killed him in the original pages.

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