Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prog 6 - MACH 1

We open with MACH 1 coming to the aid of a friend. But he's too late! His friend is dead and now Probe is determined to beat Kreuzer and his 'Werewolves' to the Nazi gold.

Probe arrives at Lake Constance and dives right in. He can't waste time because Karl had told him that Kreuzer and his men where planning on lifting the gold that night. He approaches the wreck of the sunken ship.

He rips the ships hold apart to get the gold but something isn't right...
The 'Werewolf' divers have been using the nazi corpses as cover.
Probe has a fight on his hands. He smashes one of the divers heads with his hand instantly killing him. More divers arrive armed with spear guns. One spears probe in the arm. MACH 1 has to end this quick or else he'll be in serious trouble. If it's the gold they want...they can have it...
Probe swims to the surface and sees Kreuzers boat skimming the lake. He decides to pay Kreuzer a visit...Hyperpower style!

Probe swims so fast towards the boat that the crew onboard think that it's a torpedo that's been aimed at the boat. He attaches himself to one of the hydrofoils and breaks it off. The majority of the crew jump overboard in a panic.
Probe pulls himself onboard the ship even though his computer brain advises against it. He takes out the last member of the crew before he can get off a shot...
And then comes face to face with Kreuzer. MACH 1 rips the spear from out of his arm. Kreuzer can't believe his eyes..the strenght of MACH 1 has him rattled.

Probe wants all the details on the Werewolf Organisation...
Kreuzer hands him a dossier with all the details as the ship heads full steam ahead towards some rocks.
...and that's all she wrote.

Decent episode the only problem I have is that Probe tells Kreuzer to say 'Hello' to his dead Werewolf thugs and also to his friend Karl when he joins them in the afterlife. Why would Probe do that unless he thinks Karl is in hell with Kruezer and co? Strange one that.

Mike Dorey did the artwork on this. Dorey was never one of my favorites but the job he did on this is really exceptional. His drawing Karls beaten face is quite gruesome. You can really tell that the Werewolf thugs went to town on him.

Pat Mills writing is top notch even if the script at the end seems out of place.

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