Friday, April 3, 2009

Prog 7 - Flesh

Reagans' men, a good distance outside Carver City, want to rescue Reagan and Joe but the controller refuses. They have a herd to get back to the Fleshdozers.
Meanwhile Reagan is fighting for his life against Old One Eye. He grabs a big chunk of wood and wedges it between Old One Eyes jaws.
She breaks the wood in two. Reagan looks doomed but...
Unable to see, Old One Eye smashes out of the dome.
She then turns on the alamosaur. She's not killing for food now, She's killing because she has gone completely mad!

Back in Carver City a lucky Reagan faces off with Carver again. Just as they are about to renew hostilities, the doctor intervenes. He calls them both "dumbheads" and that they still need every man they can get to the Trans-Time base safely.

Reagan agrees. They leave Carver City and make their way to where Reagans' men should be encamped...but they're gone.
Another good Flesh episode.

Reagan got lucky in this one. He should be tryannosaur food.

The next few progs have the potential to be really interesting as Reagan, Carver and co trek their way back to the base. You just know that there will be plenty of backstabbing and bloodshed.

Gosnell did a good job on the script and Solas artwork is still top-notch.

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