Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prog 4 - Dan Dare


Can Dan Dare get much worse? The script on just the center spread alone is atrociously bad! Kelvin Gosnell wrote the script for this crap. Thank God he got waaaay better with his adaptation of 'Stainless Steel Rat'.

Check out the dialogue on this page. We have a crew member referring to Dan as DD! Maybe it was hip to refer to people by their initials! I would have smacked him for the lack of respect. Then again, Dare does have his initials in big bold letters on his chest!

And Dare is 'posi-sure' he can land the craft. What the heck is that language. Posi-sure?!?

And poor Neil Armstrong gets forgotten about in the future. Not bloody likely...but there you go. Also, Dare is a 'spacer', I don't know about you but when I was growing up a 'Spacer' was slang for a lunatic or whackjob!

This center spread just reads so weird and on top of the freaky dialogue we get Dare landing on an island of crystal titanium floating on a sea of boiling metal!

Seems like Mr.Gosnell has been smoking the funny stuff!

After safely navigating through the storm, Dan lands the craft on Jupiters surface. The crew put on their space suits and venture outside. The suits have been adapted to survive the rigors of Jupiters high gravity.

'Spacer' Logan picks up readings of a power source nearby. Monday, Dare and crew follow Logan's lead. But the power source is too strong for Logans suit to handle and we get where the cover idea for this prog came from...
Which makes me ask the question...Why are the rest of the party still alive? Surely, they have the same type of spacesuits on!

The crew come face to face with the power source and Dan, more or less, tells Monday to shut his face while he wants to know what the alien is planning on doing with them and what connection it has to with the creature back on the 'Odyssey'. We leave Dan to ponder what's next and switch back to the Odyssey and the Medic Sector. Doctor Ziggy can't figure out what the purpose of the creature is. While she's trying to figure that out...the creature manages to get itself loose from it's glass cage and surprises the good doctor. Again, Dare suffers from bad script writing. Not even Belardinelli's wonderfully bizarre alien creatures can save it.

Hopefully, the next episode will be better.

I live in hope!

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Anonymous said...


dan dare launched the comic and the
centre spread you refer to is a pilot version of the strip

when will you revisionists realise that DD was the main reason that 2000AD was successful and survived in the first place.

JD was not successful until Prog 60 with the Cursed Earth

Stop being disrespectful to Pat Mills, Belardenelli and Dave Gibbons

2000AD is not the comic it was