Monday, March 2, 2009

Prog 4 - Invasion

I absolutely love this splash page. A really cool cut-away to reveal the insides of the resistance Headquarters and the text box on the bottom right saying that the location can't be revealed for security purposes. It's those neat touches that really involve the reader in the story especially the code stuff.

The brigadier asks Savage what he thinks of the underground fortress. Savage isn't all that impressed he wants to find out with all this weaponry why aren't they killing more 'Dirty Volgans!'

The Brigadier brings Savage into room full of men like him - rough necks! Although, the Brigadiers attiude comes across as a bit insulting.
The Brigadier tells Savage that the volunteer roughnecks are men like him...dockers, mechanics, electricians that have all passed tests that he himself had set up to make soldiers out of them.

Savage has a test of his own. He asks the men assembled to show them his hands.
On inspection he sees marks left from hard work, he knows that these men are who they claim to be...except the man claiming to be a miner! His hands have no marks and looks like he's never done a days hard work in his life.
He's been rumbled. He's no miner...he's a Volgan spy! The spy grabs the Brigadier and threatens to kill him unless they let him leave.
The spy and his hostage enter the elevator and start to ascend to the surface. Savage is having none of it. He grabs the dockers hook and latches himself onto the bottom of the elevator.

The elevator stops and Savage springs his surprise!

Savage has now more than proven how valuable he is to the resistance. So much so, that the Brigadier gives him his own resistance group to lead. The codename for the group is aptly called 'Mad Dog'. Bill also gets a pump action shotgun as a bonus. He won't have to reload so often now!

We then cut to a scene at a Volgan checkpoint on the road to London. The soldiers wave down a civilian van to check out what they're carrying. But this isn't an ordinary 'civilian' van.

It's carrying Savage and his 'Mad Dogs!'
Now that Savage has his team and they're all fully armed...the Volgans are going to be in for a hell of a time.

Let the mayhem continue...

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