Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prog 5 - Invasion

At the Gants hill checkpoint Savage and his Mad Dogs go on a killing spree!
An armored car arrives on the scene and Savage takes action.
The resistance overpower the Volgans and take control of the checkpoint. Savage grabs some explosives and orders his crew back into the van.

Onlookers are in disbelief, they can't believe someone is fighting back against the invaders. They're elated, but their cheering is short lived...Volgan security cops have arrived on motorbikes and are running the civilians down for cheering the resistance. They give chase. Savage orders Silk to take off his jacket. He has a plan to stop his pursuers. He throws the jacket out of the back of the van. The Volgans think one of the resistance have fallen out of the vehicle. But they're mistaken...
Savage has wrapped the jacket around some explosives.

Scratch one squad of Volgans!
But it's not enough for Savage. He decides that instead of laying low he's going to Trafalgar Square to try and rouse the populace. Meanwhile, in New Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the Volgan Secret Police, Marshal Vashkov has been informed of Savages escapade and where he's planning to go next. Vashkov orders his heavy armored units to converge on 'Volga' (Trafalgar) Square.

Savage has reached the square and addresses the crowd through a loudspeaker.
His rally is interrupted. Volgan tanks have arrived. Savage asks one of his men to rig the rest of the Volgan explosives around Lord Nelsons column. With the explosives set up, Savage retreats to a safe distance. The tanks enter the square and Savage unleashes hell!
Savage leaves knowing that he did a job well done. They drive to the abandoned docklands and set up their new base of operations.
A very quick paced episode. We see what kind of mayhem Savage is capable of when he leads a team. A couple of interesting things from these pages too...one, the Volgans are renaming landmarks, which means they see their occupation as long term, and two, from their point of view the resistance are 'terrorists'. Those two observations add more depth to the strip now that I reread it as an adult. There's only one part that brings it back to a 'kids' strip...it's when Savage asks one of his men to set the explosives up. He's conveniently called 'Blaster' because he used to work demolition.
It's like calling a team mate coffee lad because he used to work in a coffee shop. Then again, it makes sense because it's Gerry Finley Day that wrote the script. He's the writer that created Rogue Trooper, who's name happens to be Rogue and Bagman who happens to be a bagman etc.

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Tom Mix 1969 said...

Ah, but ex-demolition guys are ALWAYS caled 'Blaster'