Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prog 2 - DAN DARE

Dare, not waiting to be court marshalled, has stowed away on a ship heading to Jupiter. He wants to uncover the mystery of what happened to his last crew.

But...Dan has been spotted by a guard.

What's amazing from the center spread above is...look how crazy the inside of the ship is in that second panel! How the heck did Dare get spotted and how the heck do the guards manage to find their way around the ship?

It's an Escher-like nightmare!

And the guards are going to 'molecularise him 'on sight! A bit of a harsh penalty for a stowaway.

Dan fights the guard and delivers an awesomely bad/good punchline.
'It's called...FIST!'
Two other guards rush to help their compatriot but accidently get fried by the gun of the gaurd that Dan is trying to knock out. Notice Dan's matter of fact response...
The commander of the ship - Mr. Monday is getting a debriefing of Dares whereabouts when Dare appears. Monday asks Dan to explain himself and Dan relates the story of his last trip past Jupiter. Monday doesn't believe him because Jupiter is a hell-planet and is incapable of supporting life. He orders Dares immediate execution.

The ship is just passing Jupiter at the time when Dan is about to bite the dust when a wave of pure energy hits the ship causing a bit of chaos and then forms an alien creature in front of Dan's and Monday's eyes.

Enter the Thing from the Hell Planet....
And that's how we end this little chapter.

Again Dare seems to be the weakest strip in the early issues of 2000ad. It's not hard to see why..the dialogue is painful and a lot of the story doesn't make sense...the inside of the ship for example and the guards shooting on sight!

Also, if you were going to be a fugitive on the run wouldn't you at least remove the initials of your name from the front of your shirt.

Oh does get better!

Until next installment...I leave you with a pic of my favorite martian...Mr.Monday!


Bluemeanie said...

Do love the art on this though and yeah, the ship design is obviously acid induced.

And he's not a hero.. he's a hyper hero!

1   /ˈhaɪpər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [hahy-per] Show IPA Pronunciation
1. overexcited

Hero with a hard on...TURTLE POWER!
sorry, wrong franchise

Stephen Reid said...

Yeah. Everything back then was 'Hyper'!

alexf said...

Hey, neat blog. I'm always banging on about the extreme craziness of 2000 AD and how nuique its thrills are as a result.

Anyway, good to luck to you! Posting an article on each episode of every Prog of 2000 AD is going to keep you busy for a long, long time. I won't think it too many.