Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prog 2 - Cover

The covers for the first few issues of 2000ad were not the stuff made of legend. Fairly average fair, to be honest.

This did improve as the year went on when the comic started to get it's footing. Another fun free gift this issue...biotronic stickers that you stuck on your arm! I wonder how many kids punched walls expecting their arms to go through and got busted knuckles instead.

It's a kind of tradition for the first two or three issues of a new comic to have free gifts. Nowadays it's fairly commonplace to have more free gifts in a kids comic than to have content! Funny how things flip.

Nothing memorable about this cover at all. As you can see Dan Dare is still the main attraction. Judge Dredd does have his first appearance in this issue but I don't think the 2000ad gang were confident enough in the strength of the strip yet to give Dredd the front cover. In fact, if I can remember, Dredd was a bit of developmental hell for Pat Mills.

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Bluemeanie said...

I remember this one and also remember being annoyed at losing the stickers in the garden while being all bionic

Actually started me on a period of using blue biro pens to draw rips in my arm with robotic bits underneath