Monday, January 26, 2009

Prog 2 - Flesh

Reagan is showing the rookie Joe Brontowski the ropes when a Fleshdozer is sent out of control by a not-so-stunned Styracosaurus. To emphase how dangerous the job of a ranger can be...there's a death on nearly every page of this installment...starting with poor Huck!

What a way to go! A ten ton dinosaur dropped right on top of you. 2000ad was so violent for a kids comic and was always pushing the boundaries. I'm sure if most of the violence in 2000ad was printed today in a 'kids' comic...there'd be a national uproar at how comics are warping our children. Only adults get uptight about a kid reading this stuff, I thought it was really cool.

On page 2 a friend of Hucks gets caught in a grabber and is thrown into the Fleshdozer. Reagan tries to warn him of the danger but it's too late.
Reagan doesn't bat an eyelid at the death around him. It's like an everyday occurence to him and he continues his little tour of the Trans Time facility. The disturbing thing is that now the meat has been contaminated with human flesh...but there's no reference to it. Hucks friend's bits and pieces get packed in with the dinosaur bits and pieces. I guess there's no quality control at Trans Time.

Reagan shows Joe (and the readers!) what happens with the meat after it's put into huge crates. It's beamed up the time stream to the 23rd century. And we also learn why the dinosaurs are extinct!
Reagan decides to head back out with his boys and round up some more dinosaurs. They come across a herd of plant eating Alamosaurs and proceed to round them up when their spotter planes are attacked by Pteranodons. Joe is flying one of the planes and his fellow crew man has his throat ripped out. Joe fires a shot but misses and is himself attacked by another of the winged monstrosities. He doesn't have time to shoot so he decides to strangle the fiend instead!
There you have it! What better way to end this installment by having a guy trying to strangle to death a flying dinosaur cliffhanger!

2000ad folks!
Not your average comic book.

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Bluemeanie said...

Yeah, I remember this stuff. Way cool.

Tho fleshdozer does sound like what the construction guy from the Village People woulda driven