Thursday, June 28, 2007

Judge Dredd - The Board Game!

Enjoy the greatness of the box design/cover.
Art by Brian Bolland...and the gameboard is by Ian Gibson.

A group of my friends and I used to play this all the time in Ireland. Of course it led to fighting and bickering and cussing each other out! A fun game to make yer blood noil when someone slaps combat point on yer perp!
Looking back on this game it is kinda funny to arrest Judge Death or even Orlok the Assasin for dropping litter of selling old comics (a serious crime in the Big Meg).



Oh Christ, let's not even relive those games or the unbridled hostility it spewed forth. I was always such a shitty loser...

Stephen Reid said...


We all were.

I just rememeber an unwritten rule of not letting Bryan matter what the circumstances!

Luke said...

My dad drew the art work for that board game lol

Anonymous said...

Played this game last night with my future father-in-law and my fiancee. I love it and i cant wait to play this game again!