Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It Begins!

I was inspired by Marty Devoid of the CGS Forums to start posting my thoughts on the greatest most fantastic comic book ever published.

I know, I know...seems like a brave boast...But with this blog, I shall point out why 2000ad was and is the greatest comic book of the last 30 or so years.

First up...we shall look at Judge Dredds newspaper strip that ran in the British tabloid 'The Daily Star'

The strips are mainly one and dones. When the newspaper strip first appeared it was once a week and then eventually daily.

The strips we'll focus on are written by John Wagner and Alan Grant and drawn by the very, very underrated Ron Smith.


Martin A. Devine said...

You're welcome! Hey you inspired the 2000AD stuff in the first place. I'll definitely be checking this page regularly.


Yeah, Ron Smith is fucking underrated. Funny how your perception towards some artists changes as you get older. I never liked Smith's work when I read 2000 AD. I never liked the lack of consistency and how Dredd's helmet looked different every panel but his art's actually pretty incredible when you look back on it. Very detailed and along with McMahon, he brought a lot of humour to the strip that Bolland's stuff was a little too serious to pull off.

Ian Hewitt said...

I know I'm late to the party - but thank you for your blog and your podcast.

I, too have written about The Galaxy's Greatest Comic on my own blog (where else, but under the Future Shock tag?)and would welcome your comments and feedback - I'm always up for gabbing about 2000 A.D.

I'll be a regular and happy listener!